Using Glass to Modernize the Academic Experience

York University Student Centre Back Painted Logo

We have had the pleasure of working on so many unique projects. Each one has its own challenges, parameters and desired outcomes yet all are visually stunning, utilizing the amazing characteristics of glass.

Educational institutions are making a transition from the cold, dark architecture of the past to sleek, modern designs that incorporate large expanses and clever uses of glass. Glass opens a building up and allows natural light to permeate into the inner recesses. Given the fact that students spend hours inside these buildings, creating an inviting and refreshing environment is a positive move forward.

We are proud to have worked on a number of projects for post-secondary institutions including the following endeavours. Each one uses glass in a unique way to create a variety of desired outcomes. Whether it’s allowing natural light to filter into the inner alcoves of a building, creating privacy while still keeping an area open or giving a modern facelift to an historic building. The applications for glass in architecture are limited only by the imagination.

University of Windsor

University of Windsor

The glass fins of the Univeristy of Windsor’s Science Research and Innovation Facility make this building stand out as a showcase of modern transparency. We created a beautiful shimmering effect by layering pieces of digitally printed glass. The university wanted transparency in this design and they got it in spades.

York University

York University Student Centre

York University was looking to promote community safety, accessibility and environmental sustainability when they built their new student centre. They accomplished this by using extensive natural light and plenty of glass. Imagic Glass fabricated a large quantity of glass in a tight timeline to accommodate this project, but the resulting student centre is a beautiful design we can all be proud of.

Seneca College

seneca college Printed Glass

Seneca College’s Magna Building is a state of the art facility that uses sleek glass walls and an airy atrium to make a welcoming place for students to gather. We used a high-resolution pattern between two lites of glass to achieve the desired effect. The vast use of glass in this building has created a contemporary and visually stunning space for students to attend class, research or study, connect with friends and participate in their favourite sport.

Northeastern University

Glass partitioned office at Northeastern University

Using glass to partition office space is a great way to create privacy while keeping things open and connected. This technique was used at Northeastern University in Boston when completing their academic offices. Intricately etched glass was used to create a sense of privacy. Our cutting-edge technology allows us to create the finest of lines and smallest of dots in the glass industry!

Princeton University

Modernized gothic using glass

Princeton University utilized glass in a unique way to modernize a Gothic building from the 1920s. The historic character of the exterior and various aspects of the interior were preserved while adding a modern flair with sleek glass elements. Our team finely etched the glass used for balustrades, railings, partitions and sidelites. The beautiful blend of old and new created a striking showpiece on the university campus.

These examples of using glass in architecture for academic institutions highlight the exceptional ways it can be used in a variety of situations. Let Imagic Glass help bring your dreams to life.

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