UP Express, Union Station

UP Express Union Station

In collaboration with Zeidler Partnership Architects, Imagic Glass helped to come up with a solution to hide the upper and lower concrete slabs with an opaque white to clear gradient that would allow patrons a view through the glass at controlled heights. The demanding specification called for the highest resolution (1,500 dots per inch) with “no banding” (lawnmower effect) over a length of almost 15’ high. The customers searched the globe in search of a glass fabrication company with the capability to meet their expectations and after many samples from various shops in North America and Europe, only Imagic Glass was able to fulfill their needs.

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Back Painted Glass in Tora Yorkdale


This tempered, laminated glass is printed with a high-resolution image on surface 2. Intricately cut into a unique shape for the front of the restaurant.

Sporting Life Yorkdale

Sporting Life

Tempered, laminated balustrades which included jumbo oversized glass. The quality of our edge work is second to none.

Printed Glass, Upper Paradise Dental Toronto

Upper Paradise Dental

The printed laminated pattern as shown on the glass casts beautiful shadows within the dental office. This grass pattern has a gradient that transitions from

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