Richard Mille

Etched and Carved
Richard Mile entrance

Richard Mille founded his brand of luxury Swiss watches in 1999 and has built his brand on technical achievement, high quality materials and sleek, contemporary esthetics. When building the flagship boutique in Manhattan, the same principles applied. Only something truly exquisite would do.

With this level of expectation, the project demanded perfection. The iMagic Glass team was delighted by the opportunity to work on such a challenging and rewarding venture.

This project tested us by the size and scale of the endeavour while adhering to the strict and precise artwork requirements of Richard Mille, but we accepted the challenge, knowing our carving technique is the best in class.

With some of the massive pieces weighing nearly 2 tonnes, we commissioned the fabrication of a custom carving line that could accommodate the weight. Some of these carved pieces spent over 160 hours going through the carving line to achieve the desired aesthetic.

The end result is astounding. The two-story transparent wall is illuminated by over 150 feet of LED lights…

This created a glowing presence at the foundation of the tallest residential tower in the Western Hemisphere. Twenty-four massive panels of glass—totaling 37,000 pounds—are individually engraved and arranged three-deep to form an ethereal sculpture based on Richard Mille’s RM 008 Tourbillon movement. Itself an engineering feat, the facade required the development of metal cladding that could hold the panels in place, including 13 tonnes of glass suspended from the ceiling.

This initial project has expanded to include additional Richard Mille locations.

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Official website of Richard Mille, the swiss watchmaking brand that combines the best in technical innovation, in architecture and in fine watchmaking heritage.

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His timepieces weigh less than an ounce, cost more than a house, look like candy, and have shaken the watch industry to its core.

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