Printed Glass
CIBC printed glass

No matter the size of the printed piece, the results are the same; exceptional resolution, vivid colours and outstanding artwork reproduction. The public art installation for CIBC SQUARE with art by Steve Driscoll is proof of just that! 


As visitors enter the lobby of Toronto’s new CIBC SQUARE, they’ll be greeted by six art walls, each approximately 40 feet tall depicting the sun setting over water through cedar and red pine trees. The artwork, “A Light Stolen From The Sun,” by Steve Driscoll of Steve Driscoll Studios, is digitally printed on laminated tempered low iron glass panels approximately nine feet (108”) wide by 4 feet (48”) tall, stacked vertically with slim steel support on each seam. Artist Steve Driscoll worked extensively with Imagic Glass to execute the artwork.




Once Driscoll finished painting these beautiful pieces, he then started the timely digitization process. Prior to printing the glass, we worked collaboratively with Driscoll to ensure the opacity and vibrancy was just right, a process that involved many meetings at our facility (and dozens of Tim Horton’s donuts!) The artwork was then printed directly on to low iron glass with our large format UV printer, capable of printing up to 1,500 DPI.  We then laminated it on to a second piece of glass resulting in the stunning image being sandwiched between the two pieces. The glass also includes a layer of UV protection to prolong the vibrancy and colour. Our glass printing technology allows us to recreate all colours in the spectrum making it ideal for art projects.


Consisting of not one but twelve massive custom-illuminated art walls, (six main lobbies at 37′ in height and 6 sky lobbies at half size) a custom hoist was developed to install the glass. Thanks to their expertise in fine engineering and precise coordination of surface and lighting, GPI, the lighting consultants and installers on this job, were able to work their magic and help bring Driscoll’s colourful works to life.

4th floor canopy
CIBC glass image of trees

The end result is a custom-engineered backlit system housing 84 different glass panels, weighing 250 pounds each, hoisted into place. The public art project makes for an intense experience in colour, light, and scale that is sure to become synonymous with the financial district’s new home.


Our aim is to provide you with the highest quality custom architectural glass solutions in the industry. Our tolerances exceed ASTM standards for glass fabrication and we deliver one of the lowest remake rates in the industry by doing it right and on time. From common architectural glass solutions like single tempered, back painted and laminated glass to more complex glass such as high resolution digital printing, deep carved, custom mirror and custom laminated materials, when working with Imagic Glass your architectural glass options are limitless

CIBC glass plate closeup
CIBC lobby glass
CIBC lobby
Back Painted Glass in Tora Yorkdale


This tempered, laminated glass is printed with a high-resolution image on the second surface.  Intricately cut into a unique shape for the front of the

Sporting Life Yorkdale

Sporting Life

Tempered, laminated balustrades which included jumbo oversized glass. The quality of our edge work is second to none.

Printed Glass, Upper Paradise Dental Toronto

Upper Paradise Dental

The printed laminated pattern as shown on the glass casts beautiful shadows within the dental office. This grass pattern has a gradient that transitions from

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