Through the use of a variety of media, we can create intricate etched designs in glass and mirror. Our cutting edge technology allows for the finest of lines and smallest dots in the glass industry.

Richard Mille, Glass Store Front New York
Richard Mille Etched and Carved Detailed
Richard Mille
custom pattern on glass


If you wish to use a custom pattern we will require the finished vector artwork (EPS file required) Contact us if you need to match a pattern or have questions about file set up.

Some of the information we will need to know:

  • Visible from 1 side or 2 sides
  • Is the sample being laminated
  • Areas in which mirror is no longer visible, will have slight frosted look.

If you have questions contact us and a member of our team will follow up with you.

Sample production lead time is estimated at 10 business days (not including shipping or delivery)

We have the ability to deep carve intricate designs into the glass at various depths to achieve a beautiful aesthetic. Our craftspeople have over twenty years experience in designing and detailing custom etched glass and mirror. Check out some of our completed work and get inspired.