Our cutting-edge 30,000 square foot facility is located at 1380 Creditstone Road, Unit 4, Concord, Ontario.

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Shipping and receiving

We have both drive-in and multiple dock level access for streamlined shipping and receiving as well as a custom built multi-bridge crane system and racking systems which allows for safe and efficient glass-handling. 

Digital Printing and Lamination

Our digital printing and glass lamination assembly is done in a separate clean room ensuring the highest results by keeping these functions isolated from other glass processing that is done on-site.



We understand that glass can be complex and that you may have questions.  At Imagic Glass we are pleased to act as advisors and help provide education through complimentary consultations on architectural glass solutions both in-person and remotely. This could include conference calls, remote presentations, plant and showroom tours at our facility in Vaughan or private meetings at your facility (coffee breaks, lunch & learns etc). 
Contact us to discuss which option best suits your needs.

To ensure our glass products are of the highest quality, we continue to work with vendors and partners who lead the way in their fields. Imagic Glass has proudly completed manufacturer-approved glass fabrication training as well as other ongoing industry certification programs.